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Why is Social Media Important For Your Business?

Can Social Media help you grow your business? 

Yes, you can bet that social Media can help you grow your business.

Don’t just spend your time viewing other’s contents, sharing other’s articles, engaging or commenting on other’s groups or pages. Putting out your content on social media is the best way to get as many eyes as possible on your content. Might as well make that work for you and your business too!

Social media is currently the most viable and cost-effective means that businesses can use for product growth and visibility.  

If you are going to sell or promote your products or business in Social Media, we call it Social Media Marketing.

Social media marketing has become much more effective and versatile since you can use different techniques or strategies on how you can target your market.

Now, let’s be more a little bit serious on this part. Let’s look into how some social media group works to benefit your business.

To cite an example, based on statistical data shared by Zephoria, Facebook has the largest count of monthly active users and the highest percentage of daily logins recorded to date.

As of last December 2016, user activity on Facebook mobile has reached an all-time high of 1.74 billion. Now, creating a business page that is informative and convincing can potentially attract a large pool of users. Judging from the sheer pool of users Facebook has, this shows great promise in terms of business growth through advertisement. Since Facebook's successful transition to mobile, communication and sharing of information was easier. You can even say that it has contributed to how the world of marketing has been innovated to what it is today.

Aside from knowing where to do your advertising, learning when to release information about your product greatly improves the probability of your content to be passed on and noticed by your target market. If we are to take into consideration that if an average person spends 20 minutes per Facebook visit, you and other business competitors have that same window of time to be heard and noticed. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs should also note that user availability also plays a significant role in successful product advertisement. Based on observations made by the State of Inbound Marketing statistics on 2012, 42% of marketers currently engaged with social media marketing confirmed that Facebook greatly affects their operations and overall success in the industry. This means that the same number of businesses compete for the potential market found within a social media network. 

In such cases, you have the option to create another business profile on other social networks. While Facebook is the largest when it comes to activity, the 500 million daily users available through Instagram (IG) further proves that cascading of information is exponentially faster and more effective as compared to how it was done in previous years. To support this information, as per Hootsuite, approximately 59% of users in the US are under 30. From that pool of users, 72% use IG every day. If your product highly relies on a visual advertisement, IG can be a strong tool to promote your content!

If we are to consider the behavioral pattern of users, it is important to note that consumers are more likely to accept advertised media if there is enough information and in-depth information for your content to be convincing and appealing. In other words, videos!

While we are on the topic of videos, let’s delve into a different line of business. If you look up content creators known throughout Youtube and Twitch, you will be able to find the highest viewed and paid content creators to date. Based on recent trends, streaming has become common and fan base for creators has been growing. Companies have been making use of social media advertisements to make their products more visible with the support of streamers. To date, Youtube and Twitch have dominated others in this trend.

While it is important to keep social media accounts for business and advertising purposes, it is also crucial to manage and maintain one as a dedicated means for users to reach you regarding feedback and inquiries. This is especially true if you have a specific target market. Social media networks can also be used to acquire information through the use of surveys and constructive feedback to further develop existing and future content you wish to feature as a product.

Lastly but definitely not the least, knowing your customers is the most valuable information an entrepreneur can gain. If you are able to keep track of the current trends and update your approach for your marketing strategy, you gain an advantage over your competitors and have a higher chance of gaining attention and a head start!

What Social Media platform is your business on? Let me know in the comments below!

Start now. Thank me later!

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