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Top Mistakes People Make With Their Social Media Pages

Using Social Media correctly can make or break most small businesses (most large ones too). Many entrepreneurs like you (and me!) make mistakes on social media that can hurt us in the long run.

Everything we post from the start of our business is somewhere on Google which means past, current, and future clients/customers can come across it.

Here are some of the mistakes you can start avoiding today!

Not having a strong bio: Our bio is the first thing people see when they visit our pages. So we want to put our best face forward, right? You want your audience to recognize you no matter where they see your content. Having solid bio across all of your social media platforms will help with this for sure.

Posting the same thing to every platform: You want to mix up your content on your different platforms. What I always suggest is to write about the same topic but switch up the wording so if your followers are following you on different platforms they are not seeing the same thing everywhere.

Arguing with criticism: I know it can be really hard to take criticism on social media, but that feedback can be invaluable. Don't take everything said to heart, but if the feedback is useful then try not to take it personally.

Posting too often: Posting once a day is enough (maybe twice a day depending on the platform). Make sure the posts you are posting is something your followers will value. Having the right balance of promotional, informational, personal and fun posts is essential.

Not posting enough: Consistency is key! Make a schedule and then stick with it. I find sitting down at the being of the week and planning out all of my content works best for me.

Not engaging with your followers: Don't forget that social media is about being social. I like to take a few minutes everyday to go and answer comments on my posts. This will help your followers develop a relationship with you and feel like they know you better.

What do you think is the biggest social media mistake? Let me know in the comments!

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