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Social Media Tips For The Etsy Seller

A few days ago I spent some time at an event called The Flea Off Market, and while I was there I spent time talking to Etsy sellers and artists. One of the things that came up over and over again as I spoke to them was Social Media. It came down to they did not know where to start.

These tips will help you get started with social media. If you already have an established social media following, these tips are for you too.

Setting Up Your Profile

Name & User Name: Your name and username should give an idea of what it is you do. I highly suggest using the same thing across all of your social media profiles. Try to use your shop name or something very close, this will help your fans recognize you (which also helps build trust!)

Profile Picture: Your profile picture is EXTREMELY important, you want to select something that shows what your business is about. Rember this is the first thing people will see! Try to use your logo or a really good photo of your work.

Bio or About Section: This is the section where you can let your personality shine. Let us know what you do and why. Do not be afraid to make it personal.

When To Post

The most important thing to keep in mind is consistency. There is a lot of information out there about the best time to post but if you post every day you will notice an improvement in your social media following and engagement.

What To Post

One of the biggest challenges of posting every day is figuring out what to post. It is important to keep your content interesting in fresh, you do not want to post the same type of stuff every day but at the same exact time, you want to keep your focus on your work and your creations.

Post Ideas For Artists and Etsy Sellers

  • Behind the scenes: Give your fans a glimpse into what your design process is, your creation process, your studio or your workspace.

  • FAQs: If there are any frequently asked questions about a product you sell or your business answer them in a post.

  • Sneak peaks: Do you have a product getting ready to come out? Give your followers a little sneak peak.

  • Art Fairs / Craft Shows / Events: Are you going to be at an event? Let your followers know! Also, take a few photos to share while you are there to share.

  • Show your product being used: Customers love seeing how to product can be used. Show your product in different "everyday" situations.

  • Announcements & Milestones: Do you have anything big coming up or did you meet a goal? Let your customers know!

Make Connections

Sometimes we forget that social media is supposed to be fun and social!

Take the time to answer comments on your posts and develop a relationship with your customers. If there is a connection they are more likely to become repeat buyers!

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