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How To Write An Awesome Instagram Caption

Writing an Instagram caption can feel rushed or you may find yourself asking yourself "What do I write here?" Today, I am going to give you a few tips how to create engaging Instagram captions.

First, I wanted to talk about why Instagram captions are important before we get into the tips. I am a firm believer that it is important to know the why before we get into the how.

So, why do Instagram captions matter anyways?

Building Relationships With Your Followers: Like with most relationships, a conversation is how it starts. Having a great Instagram caption is your first impression and is the equivalent of saying hello to a stranger you are meeting for the first time.

Boosts Your Post: Instagram wants to see high-quality posts and they want to see that it is interesting to your audience. Comments are one of the best ways to show them how your post is doing. All of this will help increase your posts ranking (the higher your ranking the more Instagram shows it to others)

Helps Promote Your Post Organically: Instagram doesn't have a built-in "Share" button like Facebook does, so the only way for your followers to share things with their friends is by tagging them in the comments. Having an awesome Instagram caption will make your followers more likely to tag others.

Tip #1

One of the most important things to do with your captions is to make sure you write your personality and your business/brands personality into your captions. Over time, you will build better relationships with your followers (because they will be building personal connections with you) and more comments, which will help you beat the Instagram algorithm (read more about beating the Instagram algorithm HERE). 

Tip #2

Give your reader something interesting to read and respond to.  Make it sound like you are actually talking. Before you post, read your caption out loud to your self. If it sounds forced or awkward consider making a few changes to make it feel more natural.  Here are a few ideas of what you can write about in your captions:

-Share something you learned from someone else (make sure to give them credit)

-Share a story from the past week

-Get personal

-Be relatable, what do you and your followers have in common

-Talk about a movie or quote you saw that resonated with you in some way

-Share your favorites (food, people, places, etc)

-Talk about your upcoming plans

-Share your hopes and dreams

-Share a tip related to your industry 

Tip #3

Always, always, ALWAYS provide a call to action (CTA).  A call to action is basically letting your customer what you would like them to do. It might be something like tagging a friend or answering a question.

Ideas for easy call to actions:

-Click the link in my bio (use to never change your bio link again)

-Tag a friend who …

-Hop on over to the blog

-Ask a question

-Leave a comment below …

Tip #4

Schedule in advance.  Part of what makes writing an Instagram caption so stressful is putting yourself on the spot. Personally, I like to write my Instagram content a week in advance. Not only does this take something off of my plate for the rest of the week but I have noticed that my content gets better engagement because I am putting myself on the spot.

What is your favorite type of Instagram caption?

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