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How To Increase Your Instagram Story Views

Instagram Stories are where it is at right on Instagram. It is a perfect tool to connect with your audience in a different way. Plus using Instagram Stories increases your chance of showing up on the explore page!

When building a brand it is important to use each section of every platform you are on to its full potential.

Here are a few things to try and increase your story views:

1.Repost content on your feed or on your stories. So, if you post something on your stories post it on feed later that day. Or if you post something on your feed repost it to your stories.

2.Go live often. Not only is going live an excellent way for your audience to get to know you but the more you go live the more likely you will end up on the explore page under the “Top Live” section.

3.Mention people in your story. You could tag customers, followers or those who inspire you. Just make sure the content is relevant to them and don’t tag random people just to tag them. This can reflag your account as spam.

4.Add hashtags to your post. You can add 10 hashtags on every story post. I like to hide them behind something or in the background.

**To hide hashtags use the color dropper to make the text the same color as the background and then shrink the text as small as you can and put in the same spot you grabbed the color from.

5.Make sure your content is informative and useful. Making awesome content is an excellent way to make sure people come back to your story.

Instagram stories are just another way to connect and engage with your audience. Here are a few different types of things you can post in your Instagram Stories.

  • Quotes

  • Behind the Scenes

  • Shoutouts

  • Question and Answer

  • Informative Videos

  • New favorite recipe

  • Promotions

  • Travel Diary

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