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How To Build An Authentic Brand That You Are Obsessed With

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

What is your why? The very first step to creating an identity for your brand is to define what your purpose and passion are. What is it that you are setting out to accomplish? Who are you going to help?

When you are answering these questions, take a few moments to dig deep down. A lot of times, entrepreneurs will answer this first question with “make money” or “replace my 9-5 income” all though these are good and valid goals, money is the result of tapping into your purpose. When you tap into what it is you really want to do and what really makes your heart sing the income will come naturally.

Understanding your passion from the beginning and building your business around that passion will create a business that you are in love with at the end of that day.

Who are you? In order to build a truly authentic brand, you need to take a moment to self reflect, be honest and acknowledge who you are as a person. Your voice will become the voice of your business and brand. It is the foundation of your brand identity.

Think of 5-7 words or phrases that describe who you are, then try to incorporate those things into your brand.

What are your gifts and life lessons? Take inventory of your strengths and what people love about you. These are your gifts! Then think about what you’ve learned in life. What advice would you tell your younger self? You can take all of these experiences and things that make you YOU and make it apart of your brand.

Who is your audience? Having a proper understanding of your audience is so important when it comes to creating an amazing brand. One of those hard to swallow facts is that nobody really cares about you. People care about themselves, their problems and what you can do to solve them. At the end of the day, it comes down to problems and solutions. Your business should solve a problem that your ideal audience has.

Part of building an authentic brand is getting to know and understand your audience and that you genuinely care about the problem you are going to solve for them. Spend the extra time getting to know your audience. The better you know them, the better (and faster) you will be able to solve those problems for them.

Be uniquely you. Something I used to struggle with a lot was the idea that there were other people out there who offered the same exact services as I did. In reality, there are hundreds of thousands. So what makes me so confident in my skills and services? The short answer is, there is only one me. One of the things I bring to the table is myself. Showing up every day with my qualities, imperfections, and experiences is part of what sets me apart from everyone else.

There are clients who will not resonate with you, and that is okay. That client is not one of your people and let them go find where they belong. I promise you if you stay true to yourself you will build long-lasting relationships with the clients that are a perfect fit!

Don’t try to re-create others’ success. This is a trap way too many of us fall into. We spend so much time looking at other peoples pages, content, websites, ect that we lose track of what we wanted to do in the first place. Remember, inauthenticity destroys credibility. If you are copying someone else, people are going to pick up on that quickly.

If you are creating a business that is aligned with your passions and offers amazing solutions to problems your ideal audience has in their life while being 100% yourself you are well on your way to having an amazing authentic business in no time.

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