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Banned Hashtags!

Did you know that Instagram has over 114,000 banned hashtags? Banned hashtags are typically banned because they are associated with inapropriate content or they were misused in some way. They are usually associated with images with sexual reference, violent in nature, or deemed generally inappropriate by Instagram.

The list of banned hashtags is always changing so it can be difficult to keep track of what is currently on that list. So, I thought instead of sending you a list I would show you how to figure out if a hashtag is banned.

Here is how you do it step by step, you can also look at the screenshots below. 1: Select the search icon 2: Search for your hashtag (I used eggplant in this example) 3: If it says "No Results Found" select "Tags" 4: You will see it says it has public posts but if you select it then select recent it lets you know the posts are hidden.

If you used 20 hashtags in a post and 1 of them is a banned hashtag then your post will not show up for any searches for the other hashtags you used.

I really good way to check if you are using a banned hashtag is to randomly check a hashtag in your post and see if your post is under the "recent" section. If it is not there more than likely you used a banned hashtag.

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