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4 Social Media Tips For Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner you pretty much have to have a social media presence these days. If potential customers can not find you online, they are 80% less likely to come to your business. Being on social media helps create trust with these potential customers. They get to see what others say about you and they get a feel for your business by the kind of content you share.

So, if you do not have your business online where do you start?

Keep Your Name The Same

Keep your name the same across all of your social media platforms. You want your customers to be able to find you and know with 100% certainty that they are in the correct spot.

Don't Do It All At Once

When you are first getting started on social media it can be really exciting and you will probably want to sign up for every social media platform out there. Realistically, there are so many platforms out there, if you sign up for a whole bunch it will be hard to keep up with it all. Pick 2-3 platforms that appeal to your target audience most and go with that. If you see the need for another platform you can add it later.

Be Social On Social Media

One of the things that most people overlook when they are developing their social media strategy is being social on their accounts. All platforms are different but most of them have this in common, the more you interact with other users the better your posts will perform.

I spend the first 30 minutes of my day interacting with other peoples posts. Make sure you are leaving meaningful comments (more than 3 words).

It's Always Changing

Social Media platforms are always changing, it is important that you stay as up to date as possible to what is going on and what changes are being made. Take the time to learn the new things and ask questions if there is something you do not understand. The more you know, the faster you will grow.

Do Not Use Social Media Just As A Way To Advertise

The biggest mistake a lot of business make is using their account solely for social media marketing and advertising. Get social with your followers, get to know them and interact with them. No one wants to be spammed with promotional stuff, share other types of content as well. I like to post 4 non-promotional posts for every promotional post I post.

How did you like these tips? What is your best social media tip? Let me know in the comments below! 

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